Tribes is a small real-time strategy game that I’m working on.

You control a small tribe of people that gather resources, expand their territory and compete with other tribes. But: Each unit acts on its own - The player can only indirectly control the tribe, for example by buying units or unlocking new technology.

The game is inspired by games such as Dwarf Fortress or Rimworld. I love the indirect control you have in those games: You tell the game what you want to happen in general, and then you watch your little minions make it happen - or not! They have a mind of their own, often mess up, and your actions can have unintended consequences. The little stories that emerge from this stick with you for a long time after playing those game.

The other inspiration are grand-strategy games such as Civilization or real-time strategy games. I love games where you tell an epic story of nations and empires and rewrite history itself.

So idea is to combine both: What if you can control the fate of a whole civilization, but only indirectly? Can you lead a simple tribe of people to a glorious empire, a peaceful democracy, or will you stumble on the way and end up somewhere entirely different?

You can finde the code on Github here. It’s written in Javascript using the Phaser framework. The game is in a pretty basic state as of now, but I’m adding more features over time. It’s a pretty fun side-project, and a great way to improve my Javascript.